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 Club Guy Golf Mission Statement

Our Mission at Club Guy Golf is to bring heightened excitement and enjoyment to each of our clients by instilling a new level of performance to their golf game.

We are passionate about creating a way to play that is unique to each individual. We address their personal needs, whether it is equipment, technique, or physical abilities/limitations. The Club Guy’s two decades of expertise is fully utilized to accomplish this quest as every golfer needs and deserves a Club Guy!

Every Golfer Needs a "Club Guy"...


Do you have a "GUY" who is a resource for you
to talk about: 
  Your clubs...?
Your game...?
Your questions...?
   Do you have a "GUY" who concentrates on your clubs and understands how your swing is affected by them?

...a"GUY" who's interested in helping you get to the next level of your game or getting you started as a beginner with the correct equipment?

...a "GUY" you can trust to repair or adjust your clubs in a timely and professional manner?  


If you are serious about getting better, then you need to see
"The Club Guy"

Serving Apex, Cary, Raleigh, Sanford, Clayton, Pinehurst, Garner, Durham.  Just down the road off  Route 1 on the corner of Ten-Ten Road and Penny Road.

CCG Tip #42  Above and Below...           

OK, so this tip has to do with "how do you play the shot if the ball is above or below your feet?"

First, this will just cover some of the basics of these shots, you're still responsible for taking it out and practicing to see what works for you.

Above your feet, you're going to set more weight towards your toes with this shot.  Don't over-swing, take more club. You're probably going to see this shot turn over to the left.  Depends on the loft of your clubs, the more loft, the less it will turn.  So aim more to the right to adjust for this.

You're going to swing more like a "baseball swing" more around you (use more leg and hip) and less "up and down"  You're goal here is to just advance the ball as best you can and leave yourself a good lie for the next shot.

Below your feet, weight more towards your heels and don't flex your knees to get to the ball, instead bend more at the hips.  With this shot you'll probably see the ball go more towards the right side, so again aim more left to adjust for this.  This shot will also be a more "arms and shoulder" (use less leg and hip) swing if you want to maintain your balance.  Also take more club than you need and swing easy.  The goal again is to advance the ball to a lie that is better.

So there are some basics to those shots.  Remember don't try and hit that "hero" shot, just get it back in play and try and practice these shots to see what works best for you.

Hopefully these tips will make the round a little less messy and you'll enjoy yourself more

Club Guy Golf
"Every Golfer Needs a Club Guy!"


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"I'm a big believer in customer service, but you go way above and beyond that..."

Hi Curtis,
Please feel free to put my letter on your web site.  

I originally came in to your shop with my son to have his clubs re-gripped.  Not only did you do a great job and offer your expertise on the best grips to buy, you also did the job on the spot (which is the first time I didn’t have to come back several days later to pick the clubs back up)...TO READ MORE, CLICK HERE.

"Curtis is super easy to work with and has a way of getting you to understand what..."

Before I went to see Curtis my average score was 85-86, 6 weeks later I was averaging 80-81 and had shot 2 73's, both during my club's Match play event. Everyone at the club was wondering how I had improved so much so fast!

Curtis is super easy to work with and has a way of getting you to understand what you should be trying to accomplish next. He fixed the loft/lie on my irons, and that made a huge difference. It's amazing to see the tape before, with ball marks all over the clubface, and then the after...TO READ MORE, CLICK HERE.    

"My goal is to make sure every client who walks out my door is excited to go play or practice..."

The Club Guy - Curtis T. Colvin

Located at the corner of Ten Ten and Penny Rd., across from Knights Play Golf Center.
919-387-4888   curtis@clubguygolf.com

Take 5 Strokes Off Your Score! Guaranteed!


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