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Serving Golfers Since 2006!

11301 Penny Rd.  
Suite E
Cary, NC 27518

Every Golfer Needs a "Club Guy"...Do you have one?

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Should Ask Questions
Should Ask Questions




What is Club Guy Golf? 
Club Guy Golf is a unique golf shop offering repair, fittings, lessons and a place for you to talk about your game.  This sounds like a lot of different things but it’s all related to one another.  Run by Curtis Colvin a.k.a. The Club Guy, who brings 20 plus years of experience to help you get the best out of your clubs and your game.

Why do I need a Club Guy?
We like to say “every golfer needs a Club Guy” for the same reason you need a mechanic, a doctor, or a home repair guy.  Someone that you trust to give you sound advice and that you know does good work and has your best interest in mind.

Why should I go see the Club Guy?
You should come see us and talk to us about any concerns that you may have concerning your clubs or game.  You may not even realize that you are having swing issues caused by your clubs and letting us show you what can be done, will help you play better.

What can the Club Guy do for me?
What we can do is help you to find out what can be done to make your clubs work better with your swing or if need be, help you with your swing. There are a variety of services that we offer and while we could list them all it would be easier just to come by and talk and let’s see what we can do for you.

Why is Club Guy Golf better than big chain stores?
What makes us better is 20 plus years of experience and a focus on personal service.   We don’t sell clubs, bags, gloves etc.  Our focus is on you and your equipment and what makes it work best for you.  All work is done on premise by the Club Guy and he is your contact person for all issues.  We get work done promptly with attention to detail and all work is guaranteed.  You won’t get that at a big box store.

Is Club Guy Golf a “real” business?
 Yes we are a “real” business.  Club Guy Golf is set up as an S-Corp. and we are licensed to do business in North Carolina.   This is how I make my living and so it’s important to me to deliver quality and develop trust with my clients.

Will seeing the Club Guy improve my game?
 Of course.  At the very least I’ll be able to help you pin point any issue(s) and what can or should be done to help.  If I can’t help you I will be more than happy to tell you where you can go to get the help you need.  We like to say that when you leave here, you’ll be excited to play or practice.

Is it important for my Club Guy to have a basic understanding of the golf swing and its function?
This is essential for me to do my job right.  I need to understand how the golf clubs effects your swing and what kind of swing you’re using so that I can best fit your clubs to you.  This also makes me an effective coach.  My specialty is putting, but I also offer full swing lessons/coaching. 

Is it ok just to call or stop in to talk with The Club Guy?
We really encourage you to just stop in and see what’s going on.  Feel free to call with any questions you may have or email me at  This is about starting a conversation and seeing where it goes from there.  We also love to show off the shop and what it has to offer.

Does The Club Guy offer lessons/coaching?
Yes I offer swing lessons/coaching along with putter lessons/coaching.  Lessons are $2.00 per minute.

Does The Club Guy have the proper tools/techniques to do the work properly?
 Yes, I update and invest in equipment regularly.  After being in the business for over 20 years I’ve gotten quite a collection of tools that help me to do the work faster and accurately.   Also I’ve developed my skills to where I can handle any repair or issue you may have with your equipment.

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask us.  We will be more than happy to answer them!

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11301 Penny Rd.
Suite E
Cary, NC 27518

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