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Serving Golfers Since 2006!

11301 Penny Rd.  
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Cary, NC 27518

Every Golfer Needs a "Club Guy"...Do you have one?

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Does this sound familiar?

Imagine you're struggling with your swing on the course or at the range. You decide it's time for a lesson. Normally you would pick a teaching pro, (a project in itself) call them, see what they have available, set up an appointment for next week, block out the time for the lesson and so on.  By that time you've probably forgotten what was going on, or it's gotten worse.

How about this instead?

You've been struggling with your swing, so while it's still fresh in your mind, you stop in Club Guy Golf for a quick, 10- 15 minute (on average) coaching session at just $2.00 per minute!  After the lesson you are welcome to stay and practice for just $.75 per minute. 

We work together to get you back on track faster.  

Why Coaching vs. Teaching?

"Coaching assumes that the students ability is already there, and only needs to be discovered and brought out." - Fred Shoemaker

This means that I will work with what you have, not try to have you swing any certain style, but together we will figure out what works for you, while giving you a solid set of basics that will be the foundation of a reliable and repeatable swing.

How will Coaching by the Minute help you?

  • Inexpensive - you pay only for the coaching you receive
  • Correct it now, instead of later.  If corrected when needed the fix is usually much easier.
  • You get The Club Guy equipment expertise.  Are your clubs working with your swing or against your swing?
  • Indoors, climate controlled, weather is not an excuse.
  • Excellent for a quick tune-up before a round or practice session.
  • Works for putting also.
  • By the minute, no wasted time, short easy steps, works with your schedule.
  • If needed we use the SkyTrak Launch monitor to see if we are making progress.

What a Coach can do for you:

...Helps you define what golf means to you and how far you want to go with your game.
...Helps you to identify what part of your game really needs work.
...Helps you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
...Recognizes that you have a lot more potential than you are using today and helps you discover how to use it.
...Provides a positive supportive environment that helps keep you on track when you are struggling.

Who is The Club Guy?  Curtis, known as The Club Guy, is an equipment specialist serving the Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Durham, Pinehurst area. He uses his many years of experience of how your clubs work with your swing and can explain to you just what you have to do in your swing to make them work.

Now the swing you use will make more sense to you and you'll be willing to make the changes required.  








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11301 Penny Rd.
Suite E
Cary, NC 27518

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